Rock Climbing

Climb in Rocky Mountain National Park with DMG

Summer Climbs

People travel from all over the world to experience the many granite faces and various peaks found in Rocky Mountain National Park. Truly a climber’s paradise, The Park has climbing adventures for everyone. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never had a harness on before and want to experience this national park in a whole new way, or you’d like our help taking your climbing to a whole new level - we have programs for everyone. Standing at 14,249 feet tall, Longs Peak is an icon of RMNP. This peak provides a challenging 14’er experience in any month of the year and the dramatic “Diamond” face is a prized goal for any climber.

Although we prefer to hear your climbing goals and ambitions before scheduling a climb, here are a few options for exploring the vertical world of Rocky Mountain National Park:

Level 1

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  • 1 person $500
  • 2+ people $300/person

This is the ice breaker experience for folks looking to play in the Alpine environment. We have a variety of options for easy to moderate alpine rock climbs that involve an early start and continual movement throughout the Rocky Mountains for the majority of the day.

Duration: 6-10 hours Car to Car

Climbing Options: Hallett Peak, Lumpy Ridge, East Glacier Knobs

Level 2

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  • 1 person $600
  • 2+ people $400/person

The opportunity to climb some Classic, longer climbs in the Park.  We’ll get a very early start to the day to ensure we have time to tackle the hike, climb and beat the weather.

Duration: 8-12 Hours Car to Car, with an “Alpine Start” (2-4am)

Climbing Options: Summit Longs Peak via the Keyhole, The Spearhead, The Petit Grepon, Hallett Peak (Culp-Bossier)

Level 3

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  • 1 person $1000
  • 2+ people $600/person

In order to tackle some of the more demanding and challenging climbs in RMNP, we’ll get a very early start, climb by headlamp over some easier terrain and be on our main objective just as the sun rises to ensure we can complete our climb and descend safely.

Duration: 12+ Hours Car to Car beginning between midnight and 1am.  We have the option for breaking these climbs into multiple days depending on the objective.

Climbing Options: Casual Route on the Diamond, Kiener’s Route, Blitzen Ridge on Ypipsolon.

Guiding in Rocky Mountain National Park is made possible with a guest guiding permit through Colorado Wilderness Rides & Guides