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Climbing Areas

Places we guide on the Front Range of Colorado.

Climbers in Denver, Boulder, and other Front Range towns are blessed with over a dozen world class climbing destinations within a 45 minute drive. With so many areas to choose from, Denver Mountain Guiding has picked a few close by destinations to instruct courses and guide climbers on day trips.

  • The Flatirons Boulder, CO
  • Clear Creek Canyon Golden, CO
  • Eldorado Canyon State Park, Boulder, CO
  • Rifle Mountain Park, CO
  • Gregory Canyon, Boulder, CO
  • Flagstaff Mountain, Boulder, CO
  • North Table Mountain, Golden, CO
  • Cathedral Spires, South Platte, CO
  • Three Sisters Park, Evergreen, CO
  • Boulder Canyon, Boulder, CO
  • Garden of the Gods, Colorado Springs, CO
  • Lookout Mountain Golden, CO

More Details

Here are some short descriptions on a few of our favorite areas. While it is fun to research the areas and read about the climbs, it is best to call Denver Mountain Guiding to discuss what option will best suite your climbing objectives and climbing abilities.

Flatirons Area

The Flatirons

The Boulder Open Space and Mountain Parks extends for over 10 miles along the Front Range just west of Boulder, Colorado. Within this is a beautiful and rocky mountain range jetting out of the ground called The Flatirons. Often times, people climb the First Flatiron as a right of passage in Colorado, it is a must do with its 1000 feet of moderate terrain and breathtaking views. Along with the First Flatiron is the ever popular Third Flatiron that is a whole new adventure for those of you that have already climbed the First. There are over 100 routes on various Flatirons that Denver Mountain Guiding will guide you on, they range from beginner to advanced. Give us a call or email to find the best one for you. If the Flatirons don't interest you or if you have climbed them already, scattered within the Open Space is Boulder Canyon, Gregory Canyon, and Flagstaff Mountain. All of these areas are wonderful for teaching courses, pushing your abilities on a full day of climbing, and learning to climb.

Clear Creek Canyon

This beautiful canyon extends from Golden, Colorado to Idaho Springs, along the rushing waters of the Clear Creek. This canyon is great for teaching courses or climbing for multi-day adventures. There are over 700 routes ranging from super beginner to very advanced that we get to choose from for our guided day. We know this canyon like the back of our hands and Denver Mountain Guiding's owner, Kevin Capps, authored the new guidebook for the canyon, so there is no other person that knows it as well as him. Pick this canyon and learn all about a culture of climbing in unique Golden, Colorado!

Clear Creek Canyon Area

Eldorado Canyon State Park, Boulder, CO

Eldorado Canyon is a hidden treasure right in Boulder’s backyard! Whether it's climbing classic multi-pitch routes like The Bastille or Rewritten, or just testing out the easier slabs, this canyon has something for everyone. Discover this hidden jewel and take home memories that will last a lifetime. Trips to Eldorado Canyon State Park are an additional $25, not including an $8 state parks pass that is required for every vehicle driven to the park.

Rifle Mountain Park

Located on the western slope of Colorado, near the town of Rifle, Rifle Mountain Park is a sport climbing destination for the country. Jam packed with hundreds of steep to overhanging limestone walls and caves, this location is for the intermediate to advanced sport climbers looking to really push themselves. More recently, Denver Mountain Guiding has been leading youth climbing teams to Rifle Mountain Park to challenge the kids on the classic routes the area has to offer. The park also offers affordable camping options as well.

Tabletop Area
Boulder Canyon Area

Boulder Canyon

This canyon, located in Boulder, Colorado has been the center of climbing history on the Front Range since the 1960's. Still to this day, it is one of the most popular areas to climb in the entire nation. We like the canyon for its variety of areas including tall, multi-pitch routes, beginner amphitheaters, and vertical crack climbs where we teach traditional climbing courses. Our guides will have a lot of rock to show you when taking you climbing in Boulder Canyon.

North Table Mountain

North Table Mountain is great for a number of reasons, including the large number of moderate climbs and ability to set up a lot of ropes at one time for our clients, but the one thing that is better than all of those is fact that it gets blasted with the sun all day long. This is our preferred spot to bring people in the winter. If it's 30 degrees out and sunny, we might be climbing in short sleeves!

Tabletop Area
Garden of Gods area

Garden of the Gods

This is an awe-inspiring area with gorgeous sandstone fins jetting out of the ground and into the sky 200 feet up. Located in Colorado Springs, Colorado, this is the perfect climbing area for anyone in the area that's looking for an extraordinary activity for a morning or a full day. There is a wide variety of climbing here as well, including mostly sandy slab climbing that will make you believe you are on the beach. Another great quality of this place is the accessibility with a flat, paved trail that is no more than a couple hundred feet to get to the climbing. One downfall of this place is the crowds, mainly from tourists walking around and not from other climbers.